Anti Hunt Anthem - What a Front
Anti-Hunt Anthem 



"Besureis started four years ago after the lead singer Duke Ingram suffered a very serious illness which still affects him today started writing poems of the good and bad times spent here on earth. Partnering with Rubin, the co-founder of the One Fight. Unite team and Besureis, they both set out on a mission to play a small part bringing people together to help face the crisis that is our world today, encouraging people to have a positive approach to life and to listen to they’re inner voice and heart, and to speak out loud and proud for the planet and all it’s inhabitants. The voice of the voiceless.
The eco-pop band Besureis focus their work on animal rights, world issues and spiritual global awareness with albums Strawberry and Human Overload, and through their work in animal and environmental conservation field, running small seminars, talks and events. With songs like “Say No”, which is about trophy hunting and “Crime of Life”, which is about the orcas in captivity, and other works that include topics like being kicked off your land or the most recent one called “What a Front” which is Besureis’ poetic view on a current political state of the world.
Chosen by Rotary to head the world wide Say No RAGES campaign they also work closely along side Dr. Jane Goodall running her One Fight. Unite Lifestyle Channel and awareness movement and that’s what Besureis are today, a revolution of mind, body and spirit.“