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Our events banner depicts an idyllic traditional hunting scene and one we fully support.  In this picture we have red jackets, riders and hounds at foot but none of the in humaneness of the savage  kill.

Team Fox supports the humane sport draghunting and 'clean boot' hunting. 

In this picture shows blood hounds that are following a human runner, all the fun and tradition of the chase but with none of the cruelty. 

Over the coming month briefings will be prepared for all parties.

 Tuesday 30th June 2015    

Brian May & Team Fox  would like to invite Conservative MPs to a  ‘Conservative Briefing on the Hunting Act’

Tuesday 30th June,  Committee Room 10  9 am  - 1pm

The room is sponsored by:  Andrea Jenkyns MP for  Morley & Outwood,  Tracey Crouch MP  for Chatham and Aylesford,  Henry Smith MP  for Crawley Stuart Andrew MP for  Pudsey, Horsforth & Aireboroug , William Wragg MP for Hazel Grove

There will be a photo opportunity




Some of our Media

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Tuesday 14th Demonstration

More details to follow soon.

It will be at 11am opposite the Commons. 

Tweet your MP

Tweet message your MP and ask him or her to vote against the statutory instrument being used to amend the Hunting Act on Wednesday 15th July.

This is fox hunting by any other name.

It is unacceptable to turn back the clock.

Please tag in your MP and us at @TeamFox2015 when you tweet.