Don't turn back the clock

Ten years on and the hunting ban still stands. Showing it has little effect on the economy of rural communities, little effect on population control and little effect on the humane sport of drag hunting that is more successful that ever. You may not have voted to ban this sport, but do you really want to "unban" it and bring back cruelty?

In November 2004, the House of Commons introduced a law to prevent hunting mammals with dogs. It came into force on February 18th, 2005. It was a long and lengthy struggle that saw this law put in place. It took over 700 hours of parliamentary time that is well documented and lengthy Burns report concluded it compromised the welfare of the fox. Its much-needed presence showed that this barbaric sport was no longer acceptable in the 21st century. Drag hunting, as a sport, has been in place several hundred years and does not involve live quarry. The Master Drag Hunt Association immediately took legal action to prevent would be illegal hunters using that name and trail hunting was born. Over the last 10 years, trail hunting has consistently flouted the law. In 2005, a declaration was signed by all opposing hunts saying they would continue to break the law and it appears that is exactly what they have been doing. The Hunting Act is a strong law and if abided by, in its essence, would see prosecutions. There have been many prosecutions under the Hunting Act and it should not be removed - it should be enforced and improved. This has never been a class issue, this has never been a political issue - it is simply a cruel issue. It's inhumane to fox hunt, it's ineffective as a population control to fox hunt and it's not something that should be allowed to come back.